Strategies for Achieving Mastery as a Support Character in Tower of Fantasy by Redfinger


At Tower of Fantasy, groups of players have a variety of roles to explore. Even though the support role does not have specific weapon advantages, it gives players a chance to try out unique tactics. Coming up, we’ll be looking at inventive ways to enhance the gaming experience and assist players in maximizing their potential when part of a team.

The Support Role is being Reinterpreted

In Tower of Fantasy, though there are no fixed class distinctions, the three major roles are healers, damage dealers, and tanks. However, for the purpose of this guide, we are proposing a new category–support–with three separate variations.

1. DPS with a Supporting Touch: Merging the power of dealing damage with the strength of providing aid.

2. Combining curative properties with aid techniques, the Support-Healer role offers a unique blend of both.

3. Combining Defensive and Helping Activities: Merging defensive roles with aiding actions.

The Core of Assistance

The idea of helping someone else is a fundamental part of our lives. Giving assistance to those in need is a cornerstone of society. Providing aid and comfort is the basis of showing support.

In Tower of Fantasy, support roles are more about helping the team work together rather than aiding any single unit. As team-based dungeons are coming up, it is important to consider strategies that will benefit the group as a whole. While the current methods are largely based around individual advantages, it is clear that traditional team formations are having difficulty conquering the tougher areas.

Augmenting the Aid-Healer Role

In order to meet the demands of more challenging dungeons, the team size may be expanded to include four members, one of which would be equipped with the Huanhai Ring Blade. The one-star effect of the weapon allows for a 30% damage increase and a shield-breaking effect in the skill range. Furthermore, it has strong shield-breaking capabilities. By using the skill at the correct moment when the monster shield is released, the team will be able to benefit from a greatly improved shield-breaking power.

Choosing weapons that are most effective can be optimized through careful consideration.

The Huanhai Ring Blade’s skill has an impressive cooldown time that coincides with the regeneration rate of boss shields, making it highly effective with a minimal cost. It is considered the top-rated weapon for breaking through shields in the game, regardless of the level of the character wielding it. The advantage of this weapon lies in its skill set, which is particularly advantageous in this context.

Increasing Assistance Advantages

Support roles can be incredibly beneficial to the team thanks to their willpower and mimetic selections. As an example, Cocolette, the support-healer, grants a 15% attack increase for all teammates when her Awakening Points reach 4000. Equipping the Neptunus Willpower two-piece set can also offer a 15% thunder attack boost to allies. Even a small boost in thunder damage, like the 5% provided by dual guns and the Baiyue Spear, can create a stable effect.

A picture of the Tower of Fantasy can be seen in the image below. It’s a sight to behold.

Utilizing Strategies Effectively

For Cocolette to remain in her mimetic state, incessant use of her skills and regular interruptions are needed to ensure the unceasing attack bonus. After experimentation, it has been noted that Neptunus has the capacity to perform multiple functions, like dealing damage, managing a crowd, healing, and providing support, by breaking up the flow of skills, thus making it a very valuable part of the team.

Maximizing the Advantages for Teams is a Goal

The advantages of having a one-star Neptunus and a one-star Ring Blade working together are plentiful and can be seen in the team’s performance. This pairing will provide a slowdown of bosses, perpetual healing, burst healing, a 15% rise in global attack, a 15% increase in thunder attack, a 30% better capacity for breaking shields and overall a 30% rise in damage. The combination of these two is sure to give the team a boost.

Drawing upon the Strength of the Originator

The Originator class in Tower of Fantasy, when used in support roles, can be a very beneficial asset. When the Time-Space Rift is upgraded to three stars, it provides a boost of 20% damage to the entire team, thus increasing their overall performance and helping them reach optimal synergy.

Aiding with further assistance is something that is being actively pursued by many organizations and businesses. This is done in order to provide a wider range of help for their customers and clients.

Support roles can make use of holograms to create replicas of specific abilities for breaching shields, dealing damage, or healing. This is advantageous for teams as it allows for greater flexibility when facing different types of combat, providing them with a wider selection of tactical possibilities.

Adapting and Developing Continuously** is essential for success.

Keeping up-to-date with the ever-changing content of Tower of Fantasy is critical for those playing in support roles. To ensure the most efficient performance within a team, it is important for players to stay informed about new features, characters, and gear in order to adapt their strategies.

The spirit of cooperation is essential for successful teamwork. Working together to achieve a common goal is a great way to achieve success. The ability to communicate effectively and understand the needs of each team member is paramount. Each person must be willing to put forth their best effort to ensure the success of the team. Through collaboration, teams can reach their goals more efficiently and effectively.

In order to achieve success in Tower of Fantasy, it is essential that the support players and their teammates collaborate seamlessly. Communication, cooperation, and synergy amongst the team are key in order to conquer tough dungeons and encounters. Support players should work together with their allies, share their ideas, and adjust strategies to the advantages and disadvantages of the team’s configuration.

The End

Support roles are crucial in Tower of Fantasy, so it is important to comprehend the individual abilities of each before joining a game to better aid teammates. You may be concerned that having several accounts to try out these characters will take much of your time. Luckily, using the Redfinger android emulator can make it easier to acclimate to playing Tower of Fantasy.

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