7 Things You Didn’t Know about Wildling Game of Thrones

wildling game of thrones

Are you a die-hard Game of Thrones fan? Do you find yourself constantly immersed in the world of Westeros, eagerly awaiting new revelations and insights? Well, prepare to be amazed because we’ve got some juicy insider info for you! In this post, we’ll explore 7 things you didn’t know about the Wildlings from Game of Thrones. From their fascinating culture to their surprising backstories, get ready to delve deep into one of the most intriguing parts of this epic fantasy series. So grab your sword (or nearest pen) and let’s dive in!

What is a Wildling?

A Wildling is a human who lives beyond the wall in Game of Thrones. They are also known as the free folk. Wildlings are considered to be savage and primitive by those who live in the Seven Kingdoms. The Night’s Watch is sworn to protect the realm from them.

The Wildlings are divided into several groups

Wildling game of thrones, There are several different groups of Wildlings. The most well-known are the Free Folk, who live beyond the Wall. They are a nomadic people, moving from place to place as they please. They have no leaders, and each person is free to do as they wish. Other groups of Wildlings include the Night’s Watch deserters, who live in the forests south of the Wall; the then- Lord Commander Mormont’s group, who were captured by Cersei Lannister; and Tormund Giantsbane’s group, which attacked Castle Black.

The Free Folk

The Free Folk, also known as the Wildlings, are a group of people who live beyond the Wall in Game of Thrones. They are considered to be savage and dangerous by the people of Westeros. The Free Folk are a collection of disparate groups, each with their own customs and beliefs. They are united only by their hatred of the Seven Kingdoms and their desire to live free from the rule of the Iron Throne.

The Others

The Wildlings, or the Free Folk, are the people who live beyond the Wall. They are a primitive, savage people who know nothing of civilization. The Wildlings are divided into several different tribes, each with their own customs and beliefs. The most notable of these tribes are the Thenns, who practice cannibalism; the Frostfangs, who live in an icy wasteland; and the Hill Tribes, who are said to be able to transform into animals. Beyond the Wall, the Wildlings are constantly at war with each other and with the White Walkers.

Why the Wildlings want to kill Jon Snow

There are many reasons why the Wildlings want to kill Jon Snow. First and foremost, the Wildlings see Jon Snow as a symbol of all that is wrong with the Seven Kingdoms. They believe that Jon Snow represents everything that has led to their own oppression and suffering. The Wildlings also see Jon Snow as a reminder of the many times they have been betrayed by the people of the Seven Kingdoms. In their eyes, Jon Snow is nothing more than a traitor who deserves to die. Finally, the Wildlings believe that killing Jon Snow will send a message to the people of the Seven Kingdoms that they are not to be messed with.

How the Wildlings help Jon Snow

The Wildlings play a pivotal role in Jon Snow’s journey beyond the wall. He meets them while scouting out the wall and helps them escape. In return, they help him survive his time beyond the wall and protect him from the White Walkers. They also teach him how to find food and shelter in the wild, which comes in handy when he is trying to survive on his own.


Wildlings are one of the most interesting and mysterious groups in Game of Thrones. They’re complex characters, full of secrets and hidden talents. From their connection to the gods to their fierce protection of each other, there is much more than meets the eye when it comes to Wildlings. Hopefully this article has given you a better insight into what makes them so unique!

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