The Ultimate Guide to Help You Triple Double Hung Windows

triple double hung windows

Are you looking for a way to upgrade your home’s style and functionality? Look no further than triple double hung windows. These versatile windows offer the best of both worlds, with two sashes that can be opened from either the top or bottom to maximize ventilation and natural light. But what exactly are hung windows, and how can you install them in your own home?

In this ultimate guide, we’ll take you through everything you need to know about triple double hung windows – from measuring and installation tips to troubleshooting common issues. Read on for the ultimate lowdown on upgrading your home’s look and feel with triple double hung windows!

What are hung windows?

Hung windows are a popular and timeless type of window that can be found in many homes. These windows consist of two sashes, or movable panels, that slide up and down within the frame. The sashes can be opened from either the top or bottom to allow for ventilation.

One benefit of hung windows is their versatility – they can fit with any home style, whether traditional or modern. They also tend to have a larger glass surface area than other types of windows, allowing more natural light into your home.

There are different kinds of best window work, including single-hung and double-hung. Single-hung windows only have one operable sash while double-hung has two. Triple double hungs refer to three pairs of these sashes.

Hung windows come in various materials such as wood, vinyl or fiberglass which allows you to choose a material that matches your taste and needs.

Hung windows offer an excellent combination of functionality and aesthetic appeal for homeowners looking to upgrade their homes’ look and feel with triple-double hung options being even more versatile!

The benefits of hung windows

Double hung windows are an increasingly popular choice for homeowners due to their many benefits. One of the main advantages of double hung windows is their versatility, as they can be opened from both the top and bottom sash. This makes them ideal for ventilation purposes, allowing air to flow in and out easily.

Another benefit of double hung windows is that they are easy to clean. The ability to tilt the window sashes inward allows you to clean both sides without having to go outside or use a ladder. This feature also makes it possible for those living in multi-story homes or apartments easier access when cleaning.

Double hung windows offer excellent energy efficiency, which helps reduce heating and cooling costs by minimizing drafts and ensuring proper insulation throughout your home. They are also great at preventing unwanted noise pollution from entering your home.

Double Hung Windows add an elegant touch of style to any property while simultaneously offering functionality with its customizable options such as color finishes frames styles etc..

How to measure for hung windows

Before you start shopping for new hung windows, it’s essential to measure your existing window openings accurately. Measuring incorrectly can be a costly mistake that results in having to return or exchange the windows.

To begin, remove any old sashes and interior trim around the perimeter of the window opening. Then, use a tape measure to determine the height and width of the opening from inside jamb to inside jamb at three separate points- top, middle and bottom- on both sides.

When measuring width, always take your measurements from left to right across the top, middle and bottom sections of each window opening. Be sure to note down each measurement separately so that you can compare them later.

Next, measure the height of each side by taking three measurements – left side (top/middle/bottom) and right side (top/middle/bottom). The smallest measured dimension is used as your final size for ordering purposes.

Double-check all measurements before placing an order. It’s better to be safe than sorry!

How to install hung windows

Installing hung windows can seem like a daunting task, but with the right tools and knowledge, it is definitely achievable. Here are some steps to follow for a successful installation:

Firstly, ensure that you have all the necessary materials including your window unit, shims, screws and decor caps. Next, remove any old window components and clean up the framing area to prepare it for new installation.

Before placing the new window into position, make sure that you level and square off the opening using a spirit level. You can then carefully slide in your new double-hung unit into place.

Once in place, use shims to secure its placement before drilling pilot holes through both sides of each jamb section. Screw on both sides of each jamb section as well as adding additional fasteners at regular intervals along the length of each side of the jambs.

Finally install decor caps over screws attached around edges of frame on inside or outside depending on design preference/need.

Remember to always follow manufacturer’s instructions closely for best results!

Troubleshooting tips for hung windows

Even though hung windows are durable and long-lasting, they can still encounter some problems.

Here are some troubleshooting tips to help you deal with common issues:

1) Sticking Windows – If your window is difficult to open or close, try cleaning the tracks and lubricating them with a silicone spray.

2) Drafty Windows – Check if there are any gaps in the frame that could be causing drafts. You can use weatherstripping or caulking to seal these gaps.

3) Foggy Glass – This happens when moisture gets trapped between the panes of glass. Unfortunately, there’s not much you can do besides replacing the entire window unit.

4) Broken Sash Cords – If your double-hung window won’t stay up on its own, it may be due to a broken sash cord. You’ll need to replace this cord using a kit from your local hardware store.

5) Difficulty Locking Your Window – Make sure there isn’t any debris preventing it from locking correctly. Additionally, check if something has shifted out of place so that it’s no longer lining up correctly.

By following these simple steps, you’ll keep your triple double-hung windows functioning smoothly for years to come!


Triple double hung windows are a great investment for any homeowner looking to upgrade their home’s energy efficiency and curb appeal. With the benefits of increased ventilation options, easy maintenance, and enhanced security features, these windows are sure to add value to your property.

By following this ultimate guide on how to measure for and install triple double hung windows, you can save money by doing it yourself or hire a professional with confidence. If any issues arise during installation or use of the window, be sure to refer back to our troubleshooting tips.

Remember that proper upkeep is essential in maintaining the longevity and performance of your windows. Regular cleaning will prevent dirt buildup while lubricating moving parts ensure smooth operation.

We hope this article has been helpful in guiding you through the process of selecting and installing triple double hung windows. Now go out there and enjoy your new beautiful view!

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